Updated admin_register.php for phpATM v1.30b and some mods

Updated: 06.06.2007 · Original: MrScripto · Update: Flava Clown · URL: flavaclown.de

What it does:

This mod gives you the possibility to create user accounts with an userstatus of your choice.

How to install:

Unpack/upload the files to your phpATM folder (replace the existing files with my ones).

If you use the massmail.php, then you do not need the usermang.php, because it is the same like the one from the massmail_php_-_phpATM_132.zip package.

Note: the usermang.php searches for a file admin_register.$phpExt and for a file massmail.$phpExt, where $phpExt is the PHP scripts file extension as set in the conf.php (should be php by default). If you have renamed these files, then you have to update the usermang.php with these new names.

How to use:

  1. Login with your admin account.

  2. Click on the "user managment" symbol (should be the 2nd from the right).

  3. Click on the "Create a new user account" link, which is in the table with the sort options.

  4. Fill out the form, then click "register".

  5. See how the "user count" on the lower right side increase.


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admin_register_php_-_phpATM_130b.zip (14kb - 06.06.2007)