massmail.php for phpATM v1.30 and some mods

Updated: 29.06.2007 · Base: This Post · Made: Flava Clown · URL:

Note: This is a Beta version, use it at your own risk! Do NOT forget to give some feedback!

What it does:

This mod gives you the possibility to send emails to selected user, to a group of user (such as Power User) or to every registered user of your phpATM powered site at once.

How to install:

Unpack/upload the files to your phpATM folder (replace the existing files with my ones).

If you use the admin_register.php, released after the 06.June 2007, then you do not need the usermang.php, because it is the same like the one from the package. If you use an older version of the admin_register.php then you can replace the usermang.php anyway. The script will check if you use the admin_register.php as well and will place the link(s) depending on the result.

Note: the usermang.php searches for a file admin_register.$phpExt and for a file massmail.$phpExt, where $phpExt is the PHP scripts file extension as set in the conf.php (should be php by default). If you have renamed these files, then you have to update the usermang.php with these new names.

How to use:

  1. Login with your admin account.

  2. Click on the "user managment" symbol (should be the 2nd from the right).

  3. Click on the "Mass Mail" link, which is in the table with the sort options.

  4. Fill out the form.

  5. Select the user or the group of user you want to send mails to.

  6. Click "Send".

  7. You will see on the upper left side a note if mails are send and if so, then how many.


Comments? Problems? Bugs? Or just some nice words? Contact me in the phpATM Forum or send me an email.

Download: (10kb - 29.06.2010)