rss.php for phpATM v1.30 and some mods

Updated: 11.06.2008 · Base: Andrea Bugada & aliensat · Made: Flava Clown · URL:

What it does:

It creates an RSS Feed * with the latest files added to your phpATM page.

* Feeds are specially formatted documents which summarize the content of web sites. For example, a feed might summarize the latest news headlines from a news site or the latest posts on a blog. You can view the content of feeds in Firefox, create Live Bookmarks for them, or add them to a feed reader on your computer or on the Web.

How to install:

  1. Unpack the rss.php to a temporary folder.

  2. Open the rss.php with your favorite PHP editor (such as Notepad++) and change the variables from the part marked as "config part of the script" (line 28 - line 40), to fit your needs.

    1. $site_title: the title of your site (default $page_title which is the title as set in the conf.php)

    2. $site_link: link to your site (default $installurl which links to your phpATM page)

    3. $site_description: add there a description of your phpATM page

    4. $max_last_files_rss: this is the maximal number of files listed (default 10)

    5. $hide_these_dirs: hidden directories (regular expression) which latest files won't be listed (default "")

  3. Upload the rss.php to your phpATM folder. If necessary change the extension.

  4. Open the include/functions.php with your favorite PHP editor and search for function page_header($title) and find there the following line:

    echo "<link rel=\"stylesheet\" href=\"styles.css\" type=\"text/css\">";

    add under it the following code:

    echo "<link rel=\"alternate\" href=\"rss.php\" type=\"application/rss+xml\" title=\"RSS 2.0\">";

  5. You could add a link to the rss.php, a good place would be in the row where the [Last uploads] - [Top downloads] links are placed. To add it there open the index.php and search for function list_dir($directory) find there the following lines:

    <td align=\"center\" bgColor=\"$tablecolor\">
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"$font\" color=\"$normalfontcolor\">
    [<a href=\"showrecent.$phpExt?".SID."\">$mess[199]</a>]
    [<a href=\"showtophits.$phpExt?".SID."\">$mess[200]</a>]

    replace these lines with the following code:

    <td align=\"center\" bgColor=\"$tablecolor\"><font size=\"2\" face=\"$font\" color=\"$normalfontcolor\">
    [<a href=\"showrecent.$phpExt?".SID."\">$mess[199]</a>]&nbsp;-&nbsp;<a href=\"RSS.$phpExt?".SID."\" title=\"Click here to subscribe to my feed.\"><img src=\"images/RSS.png\" border=\"0\" width=\"16\" height=\"16\" alt=\"RSS feed\" align=\"top\"></a>&nbsp;-&nbsp;[<a href=\"showtophits.$phpExt?".SID."\">$mess[200]</a>]

Thanx to:

Thanx to aliensat for the original version, which this script is based on.


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Download: (7kb - 11.06.2008)